New and Improved wireless range of up to 2,000 feet (unobstructed)

Ideal for town halls, schools, public facilities, and private businesses.


  • ADA compliant push button requires minimal pressure to operate. 
  • Also operates as a security device to prevent unauthorized access to schools and other facilities.
  • Cost-effective alternative to door automation
  • Designed for permanent installation at inaccessible entrances
  • Compliments existing automated doors to ensure security
  • Alleviates door weight and door hardware issues
  • Facilitates “alternative service” requirements
  • ADA-compliant push-button passes the DOJ “fist test”
  • AC plug-in receiver (batteries optional)
  • Multiple tones or record your own message
  • Flashing strobe provides silent alert for deaf/HOH
  • Mounting materials
  • Optional stickers

BigBell Alert System

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